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The usage of smartphones and tablets in education.


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The usage of smartphones and tablets in education.

The usage of smartphones and tablets has had a positive effect on education in numerous ways and is continuing to do so, because of how beneficial using these devices for educational purposes can be.

Smartphones and tablets enable easy internet accessibility, which makes it possible for learners to: communicate with teachers and/or lecturers more conveniently and easily and would allow for students to be assisted quicker e.g. an online consultation.

In certain countries such as Scotland, school masters and teachers are in discussions on how to make it compulsory for learners to have smartphones or tablets from the time they are toddlers. Teachers believe that by doing so, they are enabling the learners to broaden their knowledge from a young age due to the numerous educational apps available, which are being developed and improved upon daily.

The spokesperson from Scottish Government’s ICT Excellence Group stated that “It is vital that schools have policies in place which make clear the boundaries for use of smartphones and other devices within the classroom.”

I myself owe my exceptional grade 12 marks to educational apps, which is why I encourage learners’ early introduction to educational apps and devices, so that they are able to use them effectively when they are older. These apps have been proven to assist learners in improving their learning techniques and bettering their marks.  In some learning institutions, applications such as Sakai are being implemented where learners find: resources, assignments, tests and quizzes some of which must be submitted online.

One can almost guarantee that in a few years, technology will be abundantly used in the educational field and that there is a possibility that normal textbook and exercise books may be replaced by technological devices.

– By Sbahle Sithole
Usage of tablets in schools:








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2 thoughts on “The usage of smartphones and tablets in education.

  1. What about the negatives of all this technology being the main mean of education? If a smart phone or tablet breaks, how many of those with one have the financial means to replace it? Theft? all your notes, textbooks, quizzes are on it. If someone goes wandering in your belongings you’ve lost all that. I think it’s a good idea, but…

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