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Smartphone Configuration for Social Media Mark...

Smartphone Configuration for Social Media Marketing in Frederick MD (Photo credit: Frederick Md Publicity)

Downtown LA's office skyscrapers. Including th...

Downtown LA’s office skyscrapers. Including the Wells Fargo Center and California Plaza Towers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is quickly changing to a very technological-dependent one; Technology is being used almost everywhere and for everything whether it be for social, business or educational purposes. Smartphones and Tablets have become very important technological elements in people’s lives.

The world of business in particular has become a world of constant movement and a work on-the-go environment. Because of this many businesses have adopted tablets and smartphones as key devices to help them perform business transactions. As we have all seen most businessmen and often employees use smartphones and/or tablets to do their work. Software such as cloud computing have allowed people to do their work from almost anywhere. Those in the technological field have also made the use of gadgets in business very possible and effective. They have improved gadgetry in an amazing way making them portable and easy to carry and because of that they close to making the desktop computer obsolete.

It has come to my attention the Big 4 accounting firms (KPMG, Deloitte, PWC and Ersnt&Young) have all created applications that work on smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. This clearly shows that they have realized how useful these gadgets are and the way seam now the need for a physical business location might not be so important anymore.

We cannot really complain these gadgets have made it easier for us to do business and their use in business is only increasing month by month if not day by day.



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